The omniDIP®:  a Self-monitoring system dedicated to the DIP Systeme®.



The omniDIP®: a Self-monitoring system dedicated to the DIP Systeme®

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the OmniDIP® “offered itself” a new design, embedded tutorials, a local Wifi, and a new interface will be launched this summer!

Twenty years ago, SIDE INDUSTRIE invented the Direct In-line Pumping DIP Systeme®, allowing to lift raw effluents, without any wet well, in a clean way, without odors or gas. As soon as the DIP Systeme® was created, its inventor, Stéphane Dumonceaux, had anticipated the idea of communicating remotely with his machines via their drives, without having to use remote operating controls, because lifting stations are by nature isolated, far away and often difficult to access.   It is therefore logical that in 2011 the OmniDIP® embedded intelligence was developed for the DIP Systeme® in collaboration with its creator, Mr Dumonceaux.  Most remote management tools collect parameters and send them to a server where they are then analyzed. The OmniDIP® goes further, it sends in real time its parameters already analyzed and thus allows the real prediction either on site or remotely on a smartphone, a PC or a tablet by the user or the technician of SIDE Industrie.

SIDE Industrie accompanies all its customers from design to the commissioning of their stations, through active and preventive assistance.


Product specifications

The OmniDIP® analyzes and optimizes the internal operating data of the Direct In-line Pumping  system through more than 200 parameters per pump at all times, to ensure the optimal operation as long as possible and in order to avoid any useless intervention of a technician. Checks of the automatic processes of the whole range of DIP Systeme® pumps, such as automatic unclogging, self-cleaning, or compliance with level instructions for example, can be made and thus we can know the state of the level sensor, the state of a motor, or test the automatic alternation for example, by a monitoring tool that analyzes in steps of one second, under the control of the factory 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In doing so, the machine anticipates its needs and warns its user through an alert system (by sms or email).

Product strengths

With OmniDIP®, your DIP pump stations are now reporting to you, no matter where they are*. And we remotely make sure they give you the best pumping for the least amount of cost and energy over their entire life cycle. Secure remote control and visualization of all measurements is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We support you from the design stage to the commissioning of your stations, including active and preventive assistance:

Thanks to the remote control system OmniDIP®, the DIP Systeme® solution brings intervention comfort, safety and long term savings, energy included!

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