PCI Seltex

Precision mortar and grout for sealing and wedging


Why you need to contact PCI France?

  • Quick preparation and set-up
  • High adhesion to concrete and steel
  • Chemically stable product, its pH close to 12 is passivating


PCI Seltex is recommended for the following areas of use :


  • Anchors, sealing of machine frames, raceways, fixings of mechanical holds, keying.
  • Shims (industrial equipment, machine tools, etc.).

Building public works

  • Work on sealing reinforcements, sealing and anchoring posts and supporting panels, connecting prefabricated elements, underpinning, waterproof sealing.
  • Shims (plates, support plates, rails, machine tools, etc.)

Product strengths

  • Very high initial and final mechanical strengths.
  • Controlled expansion.
  • Water resistance with high sulfate content standard P 18-837.
  • Resistance to sea water standard P 18-837.
  • Excellent watertightness.
  • Great durability.


  • High adhesion to concrete and steel.
  • Quick preparation and set-up.
  • Can be used from mortar consistency to grout consistency.
  • Allows application by matting.
  • Without bleeding.
  • Chemically stable product, its pH close to 12 is passivating.
  • Compensated shrinkage mortar.

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