Agriculture: a market that is expanding at Pollutec

With the development of new agro-ecological methods, agriculture represents an increasingly attractive application sector for environment professionals and specialists in all sectors: water, waste, energy recovery(biogas and methanization), renewable energies, soil management, ecological engineering expertise for the preservation of natural habitats, risk management and new cutting-edge technologies for use in precision agriculture (data collectors, robots and drones, satellite surveillance, etc.).

Although in the past, Pollutec has been associated more with the industry and communities markets, the agriculture theme was present very early on at the event, in particular from the standpoint of agricultural waste-to-energy.

Faced with a renewed market which expands the field of agricultural practices to reduce their impact on the environment and biodiversity, Pollutec wishes to support and speed up the development of this theme.

The event offers dialogue and partnership prospects with various organisations engaged in the adoption and deployment of new agricultural eco-techniques associated with energy, ecological and circular transitions. This is an excellent way to enable companies present at the event to meet with professionals from the agricultural and agro-food industry sectors seeking expertise to develop their practices.

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