Software solutions for water and environmental management

Efficient water management and monitoring require in-depth understanding of water behaviour and the impact of human interaction with the natural world. Water agencies and municipalities have an ever-increasing need to model changes in the functioning of water infrastructures caused by climate change and growing urbanisation, which generates greater run-off and increased pollution.

Innovyze’s advanced modelling software for water treatment infrastructures helps meet these challenges, make better decisions and come up with innovative ideas that benefit consumers, the environment and our communities.

Innovative ideas keep cities running smoothly

A good example of how Innovyze’s software programs have provoked in-depth reflection can be found in Kuala Lumpur, where the Malaysian government implemented a very innovative solution to a common problem. Previous attempts to control flooding in the Klang River basin by creating retention basins and increasing the capacity of the river channel have had limited success. A more efficient solution was needed to avoid any ongoing disturbances to the bustling city centre.

Someone had the idea of constructing a drain beneath a roadway to channel and store rainwater. By thinking in a more innovative way, this idea evolved into the construction of a multilevel tunnel for mixed use, allowing the traffic to flow when the tunnel is empty of water. The new 12.7-km smart tunnel comprises a retention basin at the northern entrance, a storage basin at the southern entrance, 9.7 km of rainwater storage and a 3-km tunnel that serves both as rainwater storage and motorway.

Cars continue to use the motorway tunnel when it rains, as the rainwater is stored in the retention basins and under the motorway section. When a severe storm is forecast, the tunnel is closed to traffic, and the rainwater is channelled on all tunnel levels. Once the flooding issue has been resolved and the water drained, the tunnel is dried, cleaned of debris and reopened to traffic, all within 48 hours of the tunnel being closed.

Integrated watershed modelling with real-time data and forecasting

Major civil engineering projects like this one need to be modelled with precision for proof of concept. That is where companies like Innovyze play an important role. Innovyze is a major global supplier of software solutions for analysing water infrastructures. The technology is designed to meet the needs of water agencies, municipalities and engineering consultancy firms around the world.

InfoWorks ICM by Innovyze was used to provide the hydraulic modelling solution for the Smart Tunnel. Its real-time modelling technology, ICMLive, is used to model real-time and provisional data to determine when the smart tunnel can be used for traffic, and when it must be closed to manage flood levels.

By combining the total capabilities of integrated watershed modelling with sophisticated real-time operational projections, swift warning and emergency management, water agencies and municipalities can make more robust and informed decisions to protect people and communities.

Innovyze software provides the answers

All around the world, Innovyze technology is used to build reliable hydraulic models, design and manage water systems, and provide answers to crucial questions relating to leak detection, flood risk analysis and optimal maintenance and rehabilitation planning.

For over 30 years now, Innovyze has been developing the best software on the market to help thousands of water engineers to plan, manage, design, protect, operate and maintain resilient, highly efficient infrastructure systems in a competitive way, whilst offering a sustainably efficient platform.

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