This is an overview of the first innovations submitted by exhibitors for Pollutec as at the end of July. 44 innovations have already been confirmed and represent every sector of the show. Almost a third of them – twelve – relate to Instrumentation, Metrology and Analysis (IMA); ten to Water; nine to Waste; and four to Energy and Energy Efficiency. The remaining eleven are divided between Risk Management (3), Sustainable City & Building (2), Biodiversity (2), Sites & Soils (1) and Air (1). In fact, IMA includes several devices intended specifically for the Air and Water sectors. Meanwhile, digital, connected items, data processing and the application of AI continue to develop across every sector.


IMA, a long-standing sector at the show

This edition will mark the presentation of the first buried network detector equipped with RTK precision GPS (Vivax-Metrotech Sas); a complete software solution for managing maintenance 4.0 on industrial properties 4.0 (Ovalie Tech); and a process pressure gauge with LoraWAN connectivity for wireless transmission of measurements and management of alarm thresholds (Wika Instruments).

The Water Instrumentation sector also features a number of interesting innovations, including a flap flow meter for gravity-fed networks which remains accurate even under varying flow rates (Graviflow); a smart domestic water meter equipped with acoustic leak detection (Kamstrup Services); a compact radar sensor for the continuous precise measurement of liquids, sludges and solids at up to 15 m, and a multi-parameter Coriolis flow transmitter for real-time data processing, both offered by Siemens. On a larger scale, a new station for on-site continuous water biosurveillance will be presented. Its novelty lies in measuring the effect of chemical pollutants on three different species of aquatic organisms, rather than just one (ViewPoint).

The Air Instrumentation sector includes a novel automatic VOC analyser (Airmotec/Chromatotec), as well as the first BTEX measurement chromatograph to use simply ambient air rather than a carrier gas, and a sequential particulate sampler for PM10 and PM2.5 dusts with real-time particulate carbon analysis (Dado Lab France). Airmotec will also showcase an optimised version of its analyser specifically for formaldehyde measurement.


Water (exploitation of new resources, treatment, drainage and sanitation)

To meet the challenges of accessing water, different solutions are emerging to find new resources. This is what French start-up Watshep is offering, with an atmospheric generator that allows potable water to be produced by recreating the natural principle of rain (cooling and condensing from the air). The required electrical power can come from renewable energy (solar panels or wind). Always looking to save resources, Reuse has seen new progress toward the vision of a solution for recycling wastewater, which recovers the heat to return it to the buildings. Using latest-generation ceramic membranes with a cut-off threshold of just a few nanometres, this solution proposed by Nereus offers improved performance to enable high-quality water to be obtained (stopping bacteria and viruses and a large majority of micro-pollutants, while reducing clogging issues).

There are two innovative high-pressure solutions: a compact automatic system with a silent high-performance pump managed by a controller (Pedrollo France) and a range of intelligent turbo-amplifiers and compressors (Turbowin).

With regard to natural treatments, there is a range of products with the ability to optimise biological treatment and neutralise acidic effluents (Omya), as well as the adapted Jardin d’assainissement phyto-purification system for residential boats (barges, houseboats etc.) by Aquatiris. Two barges are already in situ in Marly ready for the 2024 Olympic Games.


Jardin d’assainissement phyto-purification system

“Jardin d’assainissement” phyto-purification system by Aquatiris – © Aquatiris


Meanwhile in the Water sector as elsewhere, digital, connected items and AI are playing an ever-greater role in solutions. This is the case, for example, with a platform enabling better management of treatment chemical dosing (Kemira); a network management system with a specialist analysis module which offers time-saving in the configuration and interpretation of data and fault identification in networks (Lacroix Sofrel); and also with the very first compact cellular radio module for controlling the long-range bidirectional transmission of measurement data (Maddalena Spa). Also noteworthy is a particular service that uses embedded sensors and algorithms to identify faults in sanitation networks, which after pre-diagnostics by the system allows the more streamlined use of existing solutions, so permitting the resources required for wastewater treatment to be reduced and thus their impact on the environment to be reduced (Suez).


Waste (collection, sorting, treatment, recycling, recovery)

In the field of waste treatment, Pollutec welcomes two world premieres: a telescopic wheeled loader for heights and elevated reaches (up to 4.8 m lift) with high loading performance (Liebherr), and a 22-tonne material handler specifically designed for waste handling and recycling (Volvo Construction Equipment).

Dumps and recycling centres are also areas of innovation, for example there is a scalable, adaptable and secure concrete guard system for dumps and recycling/recovery centres (Agec Sasu), and connected sorting booths enabling continuous monitoring of the sorters’ activity, working conditions at the sorting station and the quality of outgoing streams (Ebhys).

Two topics at the forefront of current regulations – bio-wastes and plastics – also give rise to noteworthy innovations or developments. This is particularly true of a range of second-generation programmable micro-industrial composters equipped with remote monitoring (UpCycle), and also of standardised modular small-scale bio-waste methanisation units. These units from Tryon Environnement are intended primarily for low-volume producers (restaurants, mass retail) but also, in the longer term, for private individuals (in view of the 2023 requirement to sort and recover). While for plastics, a young Dutch start-up (Polytential BV) is developing a smart system for analysing the composition of plastic containers from recycling in order to optimise their recovery.

The initial applications of Vicat’s management and recovery of construction and public works wastes are also displayed, comprising the implementation of short supply chains for dismantling, use of waste in fuels, use of inert soils in quarry backfilling and non-inert soils in cement production, and the use of waste concrete in road substrates.

More generally, following the launch of the portal in 2016 (Suez), an “app” version is now available enabling authorities who choose it to simplify waste sorting for their communities and improve their quality of life, through incentivised functionality, for example.


monservicedechets app by Suez

monservicedechets – the Suez app – © Suez


Energy / Energy Efficiency

The Energy / Energy Efficiency sector features four innovations from various fields. These range from a new 100% biomass liquid biofuel for industrial boilers and heat networks with limited ash content (DRT), to the first industrial unit producing hydrogen from biomass, which in 2021 will allow almost 50 Strasbourg buses to be fuelled (Haffner Energy), along with a boiler operation assist system with connected robot and a new man-machine interface for real-time remote monitoring (Babcock Wanson Italiana Spa). Pollutec will also host the launch of a building management system (GTB) tailored specifically to SMEs, offering a simple, 100% web-based modular system that can be used with equipment from different suppliers (Itesya).


Other sectors at the show

In the Risk Management sector, an ultra-high sensitivity sensor will feature in the Fire Prevention area, designed to detect sparks, hot particles or other hotspots arising in industrial processes (GreCon). And two solutions for disinfecting surfaces or objects will be proposed, both being of particular significance during the current pandemic. One is a fast-acting UV-C surface disinfection system which thus needs no chemical products (Bio-UV). This system is certified to Afnor standard NF T72-281, and in tests has shown itself to be 99.999% effective against bacteria and 99.99% effective against viruses, including SARS-COV-2. Simple to use, it has been earmarked for a wide range of sectors: health, hotels, maritime, commerce, transport etc. The other is a UV-C LED disinfection box which allows to disinfect masks in 3 minutes and small objects such as glasses or keys in 30 seconds (T.zic). Also tested and validated according to the NF T72-281 method, this disinfection box is 99.999% effective on both bacteria and viruses on textiles and 99.99% effective on bacteria on surfaces.

The Sustainable City and Building sector has two innovative solutions: the first electric utility vehicle designed specifically for deliveries and specialist trades working in urban locations (Goupil Industrie) and the first relocatable autonomous dry toilets (Kazuba).

Biodiversity will feature a new connected sensor for biosurveillance of the environment through measuring bee activity (BeeGuard) and a digital solution for real-time hydrological management of surface waters (Suez). This modular platform enables effective management of hydraulic systems and forecasting of hydrometeorological phenomena. It is aimed at aquatic environment managers who increasingly face risks of flood or drought.

In Sites and Soils, Pollutec will showcase a trafficability geo-composite which allows works to be undertaken on materials unable to bear large loads such as those produced by the extractive industries, for example bauxite (France Maccaferri).

Over in the Air sector, besides the various instrumentation solutions above, a gas dryer designed to protect humidity analysers thus eliminating chemical problems or interference in analyses will also be launched on Pollutec (Dado Lab France).


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