Brotec F20

Despite its compact design, the F20 is characterized by its high filtration capacity. Air is drawn into the lower ventilated portion of the hood, up the sides and throughout the circumference. It is pulled through the filter then downward. The clean pure air is then forced through outlet into the cabin creating an overpressure. All components and assembly parts are made of stainless steel, which makes the F20 and its accessories extremely durable.
The F20 filter is a round tube type element making it impossible to install incorrectly. The radial fan ensures that air flow occurs at a uniform 360 degrees, creating optimal air distribution throughout the filtermedium. This design has the additional ect of limiting noise level, making the F20 comparatively quieter than other filtration systems on the market.


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  • Air drawn upward uses the natural advantage of gravity as the initial stage of particulate removal, and the vertical positioning of the fi lter facilitates dust shedding due to machine shock and vibration duri daily operation. These two clever uses of gravity dramatically increase filter life.


Diameter  350mm
Height 430 mm
Weight 13 kg without Filters
Voltage 12 or 24V, 240W
Controller F3000 / F4000
Max. Pressure 440 Pascal, 120m 3/h
Meets requirements of  ISO23875 / INRS ED 6228
Dust filtration P1 (ISO16890) / P3 (EN1822/H13)
Gas filtration 3,5 kg  (EN12941 / EN14387)

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