Brotec F33R

The Brotec F33R is a universal cab air fi ltration system for trucks and mini excavators. It is designed to filter out high concentrations of harmful gasses and boasts a high filtration capacity despite its compact size. All components as well as all parts such as supports and air connections are made of stainless steel. An F33R with accessories is therefore very durable.
The F33R system uses a 600×336 fi lter with a large filter compartment designed to hold a 10kg activated carbon filter in combination with a P3 (H13) & P1 dust filter. These features make the F33R model ideal for the most severe air remediation requirements.


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  • The F33R cab filtration system is made in-house at Brotec from high-quality stainless steel. Replacing filters on the F33R is a safe and simple task. The hood is easily opened and secured without dismantling, enabling the operator to use both hands while completing the filter replacement.


Dimensions 715 * 665 * 235 mm
Weight 28 kg not including filters
Voltage 12 or 24 V, 240 W
Control F3000 & F4000
Max. Pressure 440 Pascal, 120m3 /hr
Regulation ISO23875 / INRS ED 6228
Dust filtration P1 (ISO16890) / P3(H13) (EN1822)
Gas filtration Carbon filter 10 kg (EN12941/EN14387)

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