Brotec F33

The Brotec F33 system is a high-end filter system for all types of machinery. Its unique design with all possible filter combinations makes the F33 the perfect system for every situation. All components and assembly parts are made of stainless steel, which makes the F33 and its accessories extremely durable.

The air is drawn from the pre-filter through the lid and into the second filter compartment. It is then blown rather than drawn through the downstream filters (P3 and optional activated carbon filters). This unique feature ensures an extremely low airspeed.


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  • The F33 features pre-filtration against gravity. This means that the air is drawn via the underside of the P1 pre-filter. The main benefit of this is that coarse dust particles can escape from the F33 as a result of vibrations. This results in a considerable extension of lifespan compared to other systems on the market.


Dimensions 900 * 440 * 295 mm
Weight 28 kg not including filters
Voltage 12 or 24 V, 240 W
Control F3000 & F4000
Max. Pressure440 Pascal, 120m3/hr
Regulation ISO23875 / INRS ED 6228
Dust filtrationP1 (ISO16890) / P3(H13) (EN1822)
Gas filtration Up to 10 kg activated carbon filter (EN12941 / EN14387)

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