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The fastest connection clamp !


Why you need to contact Claire?

  • Secure connection
  • Fits all plastic and rigid pipes
  • Quick to fit and saves crews time


The ALPHACLIC clamp fits all plastic and rigid pipes. Its visual and audible tightening indicator, the brass washer, ensures safe installation. With just one bolt to screw in, it’s quick to fit and saves crews time. The ALPHACLIC clamp has the Origine France Garantie label. An annual audit is carried out by a certification body to check its eligibility.

Advantages of the product

  • Secure connection.
  • Multi-diameter & multi-material.
  • Time-saving for teams.


  • Connection clamp in epoxy-coated cast iron with single clamping bolt compatible with all water distribution pipes in all types of materials known today (cast iron, fibre cement, steel, PVC – BO, PVC – U, PE,…) from Ø 48 mm upwards.
  • Alpha clic clamp for side or top loading.
  • Small boss X 40 x 300 threaded connection.
  • Large boss Y threaded connection 55 x 300.
  • PN16.
  • Mounting secured by a lock washer.
  • Direct pipe-valve seal.
  • Anti-rotation locking screw for the inlet valve.
  • Geomet 500B steel screws.

Clamp assembly :


  • Notch 1 for plastic or rigid pipes, with the same diameter as the engraved dimension.
  • Notch 2 for rigid pipes only, diameter within the engraved dimensions.

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