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DUCTILE IRON Knife Gate Valve

DUCTILE IRON Knife Gate Valve – Improved range, lighter and more robust!



Product specifications

For more than 35 years, TECOFI has been offering a complete range of knife gate valves. They are in our DNA! Our range has evolved, changing from cast iron (GG25) to ductile iron (GGG50) as its standard. Robust, ductile iron has improved mechanical properties that gives it better shock and vibration resistance as well as better resistance to abrasions and reduced detrimental effects to temperature changes.

Product strenghs

Lightweight, it decreases installation time (a lighter valve than those made from other materials), costs of pipe supports and maintenance over time. Our range of knife gate valves is complete and we offer many options adapted to your market (all stainless steel valves, limit switches, motors, through-type gate, under-silo model, mirror-polished gate, etc.)

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