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Quick-closing check valve

Quick-closing check valve: the solution to ensure the security of your pumping networks.



Product specifications

TECOFI is offering a new product, proposing a high-quality solution for all pumping networks. In every installation, the return pressure cannot be calculated, based on this, the check valve must close in only a few centimeters per second to avoid the waterhammer effect (over pressurization, abrupt change in fluid speed). Our QUICK-CLOSING CHECK VALVE provides the best dynamic response as compared to other types of check valves.

The shorter the closing time is, the lower the transient hydraulic pressure will be, thus reducing the equipment’s components, the pipe thickness and the number of required devices for the transient pressure = reduced cost! Its simple design and short face to face reduces the straight lengths in upstream installations (reduced cost). Its ultra-dynamic closing response prevents waterhammer = security!

Product strenghts

It has a very low head loss coefficient due to its very short closing time (10% of the nominal diameter), without internal friction, guaranteed.

Simple installation, our quick-closing check valve is silent, the closure softened by the elasticity of the obturator. Its longevity (anticorrosion parts—stainless steel, polyurethane) along with its few mechanical pieces limit maintenance. A wide range of sizes is available in a single range adapted with multiple connections, making for one simplified reference: PN10/16/25/40/ASA.

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