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Eco FloMax® Spray Nozzle

A high-efficiency air atomizer to limit your costs and achieve your sustainability goals in your process flue gas cooling applications


Why you need to contact Spraying Systems France?

  • Compact design
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Increased efficiency in the use of compressed air


Flue gas cooling is a challenging stage in many industrial and chemical processes. It also plays a vital role in achieving your company’s sustainability goals. With the patented design of our FloMax® Eco we have created a pneumatic spray nozzle with a hollow cone that has no equivalent in terms of efficiency. The unique multi-step atomization process provides fine water droplets using 20% less compressed air than our previous generation of FloMax® atomizer. The result will transform the efficiency of your flue gas cooling process and significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

Product strengths

  • Increased efficiency in the use of compressed air.
  • Finer drops for better cooling.
  • Less impact on the environment.
  • Compact design.
  • Mounting instead of standard FloMax® nozzles.


  • Water flow: 2 to 50 l/min.
  • Spray type: Hollow cone.
  • Spray angle: 20° & 55°.
  • Size of the finest drops: 5 – 250μm.
  • Design in 1 piece 3d manufacturing.
  • Material: 316L and others on request.

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