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MicroRokon rotating tank cleaning nozzle

The rotating tank cleaning nozzle MicroRokon has a higher cleaning efficiency than other rotating nozzle of comparable size


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  • Small size
  • Less water, More impact
  • Made entirely of Stainless steel


Tank, container or IBC cleaning is crucial in many industries. The success of this application depends on the use of washing equipment capable of being as efficient as possible, while consuming as less cleaning water as possible. The cleaning fluid creates the reactionary force needed to rotate the unit, therefore no external motor source is required.

The MicroRokon is designed “specially” for small cleaning tanks/vessels and containers. Up to 4.00 meters.

Made entirely of Stainless steel 316SS for an especially long service life. Also suitable for use with high temperature and aggressive media.

Rotation and cleaning efficiency are not affected by different installation situations. No ball bearings, no use of plastic material. All material are FDA approved. Available in ATEX Version.

Product strengths :

  • Less water, More Impact.
  • Fluid-driven.
  • Small size.


  • Spray coverage : 180° or 360°.
  • Pressure : 1 top 4 Bar.
  • Flow : 12 to 100 l/min at 2 Bar.
  • Threaded or CIP connection.
  • Different roughness available.
  • Atex version.

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