HP FogJet® nozzle

HP FogJet® nozzles for disinfecting production equipment or personal areas in factory, lab or office environment


Why you need to contact Spraying Systems France?

  • Reduced clogging
  • Increased versatility
  • Lower pressures than a conventional nozzle


Our new HP FogJet® and HP MultiPoint high-pressure nozzles offer mist-like spraying without fallout. Droplet spectrum uniformity is one of the qualities of the HP FogJet® nozzle.

configurations. HP FogJet® nozzles produce hollow cone spray, MultiPoint nozzle produces 12 individual hollow cones to create a single large plume of fine droplets.

Product strengths

  • Better performance at lower pressures (7 to 207 bar) than a conventional nozzle.
  • Longer nozzle life : Lower operating pressure and the use of filters minimize erosion and extend service life between maintenance intervals.
  • Reduced clogging : A larger flow passage diameter than conventional nozzles minimizes clogging and maintenance stoppages.
  • Increased versatility : Smaller than conventional hydraulic nozzles, HP FogJet® nozzles are more easily integrated into space-saving applications. For larger flow rates, the HP FogJet® MutiPoint nozzle simplifies installation and lowers costs by offering 12.10, or 8 spray ports on a single body.


  • Water flow : 2.84 lph to 75.7 lph @ 69 bar.
  • Max pressure : 207 bar.
  • Spray angle : Standard 80° @ 69 bar. Wider angles availble on request..
  • Connections : 1/8″, 1/4 (M) NPT/BSPT; 3/8-24UNF (M) with O-ring seal in Viton®.
  • Material : Stainless steel 316L.
  • Filter : integrated 40μm filter and 85μm HDPE interchangeable filter.

Options :

  • Check valve cracking pressure 14.8 bar.
  • Safety wire hole.

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