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RMA Access Control

RMA Access Control: Controlled access to the waste bins



RMA Access Control description

RMA is a smart lock. It controls the opening of the waste bin lid, allowing the container to only be used by users authorized by the Management Company.

RMA is safe, reliable and suitable for any type of bin, it can be installed on new bins or on those already owned by the Management Company.

Furthermore, the Waste Management Company may choose the tool with which the user identifies himself to unlock the lid of the RMA bin, including:

  • LF, HF or UHF RFID keychain.
  • RFID bracelets.
  • RFID cards (contactless).
  • NFC communication (Smartphone).
  • Magnetic cards (e.g. health service ID card).
  • Other systems agreed with the Company.

Through the webpage, it is possible to configure the users enabled to open each waste bin, so that the Management Company can best meet its needs.

The flexibility of assigning users to the bins that RMA offers allows it, for example, to:

  • Enable only users from the Company to open the managed bins to avoid the collection of “extraneous” waste (commuters, tourists, etc…).
  • Differentiate the waste bins used by the various types of users, for example allowing non-domestic users the use of dedicated containers only.
  • Enable users of each district to open only the bins located in their territory.
  • Making a condominium’s bins only usable by its dwellers.

The user assignment scheme can be changed quickly from the configuration page, without having to change the electronic keys distributed to the users and without manually updating the bins equipped with RMA.

This makes it easy to manage new users, terminating or transfering them, optimizing the distribution of containers over the territory, and keeping the deposits under control.

RMA Access Control strengths

  • Long-life internal battery (5 years)
  • Energy saving, low power technology
  • Compact and durable design
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Authorized users only
  • It can be used as a regular waste bin


RMA Access Control specifications

RMA integrates a durable electronic lock able to keep the lid closed even if it is repeatedly forcibly lifted: this is possible thanks to the metal parts built to resist opening attempts.

RMA is designed to be safe for users and for the operators in charge of emptying the bins, intuitive and easy to use, suitable for small or large bins with manual or pedal-operated opening.

The particular design prevents the accumulation of waste or liquids and ensures the operation of the lock for many years even in a context of intensive use of the bin.

In addition, the bins equipped with RMA can be washed normally, thanks to the waterproof feature of the lock and the entire electronic system.

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