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RML Level Sensor

RML Level Sensor: reliable control of the waste level



RML Level sensor description

RML level sensor is the ideal solution for reliably monitoring the fill level of waste bins of any size and shape.

RML can be installed easily in a few minutes, it does not require maintenance and it provides an immediate benefit for the Waste Collection Company.

Immediately after installation, RML is already operational:

  • Evaluates the amount of waste in the bin, determining the fill level.
  • Connects to the management platform in the Cloud.
  • Transmits the fill data associated with the container in which it is installed.

The data collected and processed on the management platform allow it to:

  • Constantly monitor the fill level of all bins on the territory from a single application.
  • Set a custom threshold of “bin almost full alert”.
  • Schedule emptying only almost full containers.
  • Save time and fuel during waste collection by optimizing the emptying frequency and the vehicle routes.


RML Level Sensor strenghts

  • Long-life internal battery (5 years)
  • Patented optical technology, overcomes the reliability limits of ultrasonic technology
  • Energy saving, low power technology
  • Compact and durable design
  • Cloud connectivity


RML Level Sensor Specifications:

The RML uses the patented RM optical technology, capable of monitoring waste without contact and without moving parts.

This technology integrates the most advanced algorithms to allow a reliable measurement in any bin, even in the presence of bulky or irregularly shaped waste.

RML overcomes the reliability limits of traditional solutions that are not able to make a correct assessment of the bin’s fill level in many common situations.

While traditional products calculate the fill level on the basis of the waste closest to the sensor, RML is able to combine information from a large area and generate an accurate measurement.

RML can be easily installed under the lid or along the edge of the bin (new or already in use): thanks to its small size and carefully designed shape, it can be placed in any container.

Using the most advanced algorithms, RML autonomously learns the shape of the bin in which it is installed and does not require complex calibration: once installed it is ready for use.

RML starts up in a few minutes, withstands the bin’s emptying and high pressure washing and is powered by the internal battery, designed to last several years.

RML, like any Adambì product, can connect to the MP management system or to other third-party management systems, transmitting the data of the deposits directly to the latter.

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