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RMQ Quantification of Waste

RMQ Quantification of Waste: The Pay As You Throw is now possible



RMQ Quantification of Waste description

RMQ is a smart bin that allows the deposit of waste by authorized users only, identified through an electronic key.

RMQ is able to quantify the waste produced by each user, to record the deposit data and to transmit it securely to the management platform.

Thanks to RMQ, every container:

  • identifies the userby an electronic key (RFID tag, magnetic card or smartphone);
  • detects precisely the volume of deposited wasteusing an optical scanner;
  • communicatesindividual deposits in real time;
  • measuresaccurately the fill percentage of the container, communicating with the Service Operator to optimize the collection routes;
  • interfaces with the Adambì management softwareor with third-party systems.

The amount of waste is linked reliably to the user who has deposited it, is registered internally and is sent to the server through an encrypted connection.

RMQ Quantification of Waste strengths

  • Long-life internal battery (5 years)
  • Patented optical technology, overcomes the reliability limits of ultrasonic technology
  • Energy saving, low power technology
  • Compact and durable design
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Authorized users only


RMQ Quantification of Waste specifications

The RMQ smart bin uses the patented RM optical technology, capable of monitoring waste without contact and without moving parts.

In addition to making RMQ products reliable and durable, this technological choice offers many advantages for the Management Company. It allows emptying the bins with the existing collection vehicles, without any modification. Also, it is suitable for any type of bin, of any size and material. Finally, it is appreciated by users because it is simple and natural to use.

The RM optical sensor is light and small, integrated into the bin’s lid, completely protected and invisible when the bin is closed to prevent vandalism and tampering.

The Waste Management Company may choose the tool with which the user identifies himself to unlock the lid of the RMQ bin, including LF, HF or UHF RFID keychain or other systems.

Furthermore, the product can be tailored in terms of:

  • acoustic and visual alerts for the user ;
  • alerts in real timeregarding any anomalous user behaviour;

maximum fill level of the bin.

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